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Doug Finn presenting to staff. Morgan Elementary staff participates in Competency-Based Education training Doug Finn presenting to staff.(Rowan-Salisbury Schools) Published: Dec. 15, 2021 at 8:56 AM EST|Updated: 21 hours ago ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Morgan Elementary staff recently participated in Marzano Resources professional development. Marzano Resources is a national leader in the movement toward personalized learning for students through Competency-Based Education (CBE). Staff spent the day with Douglas Finn III, a co-author of A Handbook for Personalized Competency-Based Education. “I am extremely excited to be working with the Morgan Elementary administrators source and staff. My excitement is based on the school’s foundation they built before the Oct 13 professional development. Their foundation of energy, willingness and strategic planning make the topics and strategies for CBE much more effective. Everyone is focusing on creating the best learning environment for their students and I feel lucky to be a part of this work,” said Finn. The training focused on topics such as student agency, code of cooperation, standard operating procedures, and student voice and choice. Finn outlined best practices and how to leverage these strategies to make CBE as successful as possible.

BY RICK PFEIFFER Falls schools and police officials were on high alert, but Wednesday's classes at Niagara Falls High School went on without any incidents after an Internet post on Monday threatened a mass shooting event. Falls police had an increased presence of both uniformed and plainclothes officers on the high school grounds and school security officers conducted enhanced screening of anyone entering the building, including bag checks, the use of metal detectors and wand scans. Local and federal law enforcement officials are continuing to attempt to identify the person responsible for the Instagram post that threatened the mass shooting at the high school on Wednesday.  The post featured an array of semi-automatic rifles, handguns and large capacity ammunition clips, laid on at table. It was captioned “” and featured a message that read, “Dont (sic) come to school if you wanna live 12/15/2”. The photo was quickly identified by officers assigned to the Niagara Intelligence & Crime Analysis Center as a police display of weapons seized during a 2019 raid in Cleveland. Still police and school officials took the threat seriously. "I feel we're supported by both the (Falls) police and the FBI," Falls Schools Superintendent Mark Laurrie said. "I feel like we made the right calls." Based on an early assessment that the threat did not appear to be "credible", Laurrie chose to keep the high school open for classes.  "I believe you have to take these things seriously," he said, "but these things have got to stop." The schools superintendent said he believed that the threat here may have been a copycat of a similar incident in Lockport. "When you have the same threat in Lockport, in Olean, in Medina, in Niagara Falls, you have to wonder (if they’re related),” Laurrie said.