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Hilgendorf started administering aid while calling 911. A police officer happened to be passing by at the same time. “He needed a tourniquet and actually, I’m a nurse, so I had some tourniquets in my car and the officer tied off his leg,” Hilgendorf said. “He could have froze to death or bled to death. I’m praying that he’s OK.” People who live nearby said crashes happen all the time on that street. “I feel terrible weblink that we did not hear or see, but this stuff goes on on this street all the time.


Read more: Why rescuing the climate and saving biodiversity go hand in hand Dasgupta says that protecting what he calls “global public goods”, such as the Amazon rainforest, in national jurisdictions will require major transfers of money to countries hosting those goods. “You need to pay for ecosystem services. If we want Brazil to protect them, with the president that they’ve got [Jair Bolsonaro], you have to pay up big money, because otherwise he’s going to convert them into more cattle ranches in the name of progress,” he says. His report, which was likened to the influential 2006 Stern review on the economic case for preventing climate change, led the UK government to enshrine in law rules meaning major infrastructure projects in England will have to show a net gain for wildlife and habitats. Dasgupta hopes the UK government will “systemise” the way it thinks about biodiversity loss, with the issue taken as this site seriously by economists in the Department for Transport and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office as it is in the environment department. But he points out that worldwide solutions are needed: “England is small beer [on biodiversity]. So many of the problems are global problems.” Covid-19 has derailed international efforts to tackle biodiversity loss, with the Kunming meeting delayed three times already.